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Hans Schmidt – Istra

For a longer time, not much was known about the sinking of this cargo ship, so it was first known as the „Istra“ wreck. Hans Schmidt was built in 1920 in the Netherlands and it carries the name of its last owner from Germany. This cargo ship sank in 1943 after hitting an underwater anti-watercraft mine and was ripped in two pieces. On the seabed, the wreck lies in two parts about 20 meters away from one another. At a depth of 42 m and reaching 28 m at its highest point, this wreck became a good habitat for lots of marine species. Large conger eels are commonly encountered. The inner cargo space is free to enter for experienced wreck divers. Around the wreck you may find parts of the ship, additional accessories, and the engine and air bombs. The Hans Schmidt wreck is 90 m long and 11 m wide, today it is known as one of the favourite dive destinations for wreck divers in Northern Adriatic.
28 – 42 m
Boat Trip
100 Minutes
For Advanced Divers (minimum 50 logged dives and AOWD or **)