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Baron Gautsch

The most famous wreck in the Adriatic Sea, Baron Gautsch, was an Austro-Hungarian passenger ship that sank on 13 August 1914 after running into a minefield laid by the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The boat sank within minutes and this tragedy resulted in the deaths of approximately 150 passengers and crew members. Today, Baron Gautsch, often referred to as „the Titanic of the Adriatic“, lies upright and in good shape at a depth of 40 m. The top deck of the wreck starts at 28 m. Completely covered with sponges, moss animals and many nudibranchs of different colours, this spectacular and really good preserved wreck gives divers an opportunity to enjoy not only the wreck itself but its rich flora and fauna as well. Most of the inside parts are easy approachable to divers. It is common to see free swimming eels and often easy to find lobsters, scorpion fish or octopus hidden in the wreck. Very often schools of fish surround the wreck making a marvellous view for the divers. With a length of 85 meters and 12 meters wide, this wreck is a dive spot we highly recommend.
28 – 40 m
Boat Trip
90 Minutes
For Advanced Divers (minimum 50 logged dives and AOWD or **)